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The irrepressible ... Bing

Rumors grew of a "new" search engine shadowing the internet. It uses the power of lie, deceit and bribery to grow, soon it will engulf everything in predetermined results (we have 1000+ monkeys and we're using them), devious filters (we see no point in indexing open source websites since most of them are out of date) and evil spell checking (Did you mean IIS server ? No? Apache ? Well I still think you are looking for IIS so I'll show you the IIS results).
So how can it be stopped ? Well this is no ordinary (or should I say standard ?) bad guy, so it won't be stopped with your measly robots.txt file by adding:

User-agent: msnbot
Disallow: /

in it. No, this requires a higher magic, but we can rely on apache mod_setenvif wisdom by adding:
BrowserMatchNoCase msnbot goBang
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from env=goBang

in your .htaccess file.
This should make Bing go with a Bang.
If you're using something light(http)er you might want to check this.

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