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OpenPanzer HTML5 Game

    Some time ago, I was reading an article about how HTML5 will completely replace Flash games, videos and future is HTML5.
    I was so out of loop, these kind of statements were made years earlier . Even Mr. Ballmer said that HTML5 is the future in 2010, and this guy is rare^H^Hndomly wrong ! So after I carefully checked that HTML5 is not some name for another *crossplatform* Silverlight technology I decided to not let this future technology wash over me like I did on so many other "the future is ..." web standards and maybe I could stand up to the puppies that were laughing at me with "oh you're using table tag".

    Armed with a well supported open standard, a vision of the future, an unbearable thirst of knowledge and a willingness to make my iPad useful I planned to do a game in my spare time.
    At least it will be looking like I'm working and not doing something fun with the computer, which can save me from different house and family obligations.
   The shameful observations like "You came from work and already playing that stupid game ?" , will be turned into "Poor guy, he's working all day at work and then at home".

So it turned out in a turn and hex based strategy game based on classic Panzer General 2.
More about it: here
P.S. Testing still bring shameful observations, but at least I can do the testing on my iPad in some special places.


At November 6, 2014 at 6:46 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Cool game! I just found Open Panzer on my cell phone and it is awesome! I've been playing Panzer General for years and look forward to playing OP on my cell phone. Congratulations on an amazing job!

Steve Stansberry


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